Company Profile

EMA INDIA LIMITED was founded by Late Shri Hari Bhargava alongwith his son, Mr. Pradip Bhargava, Promoter and Managing Director of the Company. A joint venture agreement was signed in the year 1971 with M/s. EMA Electromaschinen Schultz GmbH & Co KG, Germany, to manufacture State of Art Induction Heating Equipments. With the pioneering efforts of introducing these equipments for the first time in India, today EMA INDIA LIMITED has achieved the distinction of being a market leader of this field by supplying over 1,000 equipments so far.

Prior to this, Conventional heating Furnaces were in operation. With the advantages of being very fast, non-polluting, more efficient, excellent process control capabilities and lesser space requirements, Induction heating has established itself as a popular system of operation.

EMA manufactures both Medium Frequency and High Frequency Equipments in power ratings from 1 Kw to 1130 Kw and frequencies ranging from 500 Hz to 450 KHz for every possible application. EMA can design and manufacture custom-built Machine for applications like Induction Hardening, Partial Heating, Annealing, Tempering, Softening, Brazing, Heating for Shrink Fitting and Billet Heating.

To keep pace with the latest technological trend, EMA has switched over from Motor Generators to Solid State Generators with Thyristors and the latest being IGBT Transistorised Convertors.

Commencing with the Conventional Relay Controls for the machine operations, EMA has established its supremacy by introducing PLC’s and CNC’s for the equipment controls with technological advancements.

The untiring efforts of Technical personnel of EMA have regularly contributed to various developments to meet the challenges of specific customer requirements. The R&D Department of EMA is always looking for new avenues for Induction Heating/Hardening applications.

EMA has also successfully manufactured and supplied close to 140 Honing Machines during its joint venture with Gehring Germany from 1986-2006, and been a leading manufacturer and supplier of Diamond & CBN Honing Stones in a joint venture with Diato GmbH, Germany (part of Gehring Group worldwide) through Diato India Private Limited.

On the export front, EMA has established itself as the pioneer in Export of Induction Heating and Hardening Equipments and Accessories as well as Honing Machines and Honing Stones.

EMA has strong technology base with about 100 Engineers and technicians, who are well versed with the equipments being manufactured, with vast experience to give support in all the areas of operation and service front. It is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company following TQM practices at par with International Standards.

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